How to Create a Web Page with a Popup Message Box

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a web page with a pop-up message box that you can use to make announcements, promote offers, and more.  Using our professional website maker, you can add this tool in just a few minutes to your free web site.

1. Go to this link - go ahead click the link. Then sign up for a free account. You may need to check your email for verification and create your own password.

2. Once you’ve done signing up, customize your widget by completing the form. Type the Title, Destination URL (website), Width and Name. Please see the example screenshot below.

3. You can upload an image to appear along with your Popup message. To add an image, just click the SELECT button. Please see screenshot below.

4. Navigate or browse in your computer then SELECT the image or picture you want to upload/add to your popup message box. You may provide a name and save your settings. Click SAVE button if wish to do so. Please see screenshots below.

5. Next is to copy the code, this will be inserted later on your Iconosites business website. Simply highlight the code then right click copy. Please see screenshot below.

6. Once you’ve copied the code, login to your Iconosites website builder account and click the Header and Footer section. Please refer to the screenshot below.

7. Next scroll down at the bottom part of the page. Then on Site Wide Scripts section, insert or paste the code in the Head section. Please refer to the screenshot.

8. After you’ve inserted the code into the Header section, please click SAVE button to update your website for changes you made.

9. Checkout your website and see your popup box in action. You should be able to see the popup box at the lower right side portion of your website.

  • kelsey

    I like the idea of a pop up add to let people know new and pertinent information your trying to get out. Will this pop up show up every time your page is viewed? How do you get the ad off your page when your done announcing your message? Either way this is a great way to build your website to get your readers attention and to make them remember your site, a way to stand out.

    • Bob Charles

      You will need to look at the specifics of this tool as there are several different ways you can control it, when you decide to add it when building your website. But your intentions are dead on, in that you should use this tool to make announcements and offers. Since it pops up when visitors first visit your free website, it immediately attracts their eyeballs and therefore you are guaranteed that your message will get out. Since it’s so easy to implement with our easy website builder, we highly recommend considering to use this when you make the decision to build a website.


    This would be great to promote my free website! I have so many things I would like to tell my readers but don’t want to annoy them with too many posts. Especially since not all my announcements are even long enough to make a post in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      That is a really solid observation about the use of a popup message box when you build a website. It’s a great way to drop subtle messages or offers without annoying or bombarding them with too many blog posts or other forms of content. It’s just a quick and easy way to communicate with your visitors without too much disruption. That’s why we recommend trying to use this tool when you are learning how to start a website with our website maker, because it just may result in an increase in sales of your products or services.

  • Megan

    This is great for people who sell things from home as a way to promote special sales and other discounts for their readers on their blogs. It can be a link to their etsy or other work at home free web pages. Especially for someone just starting out who wants to promote their page you just greatly helped them out by showing them how to create a website that will get their potential buyers interest!

    • iconosites

      As the professional marketers say, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your visitors when they visit your small business website. Therefore, you had better give them the best headlines and offers up front, so that they are intrigued to keep looking. In turn, they spend more time on your website, which means more unique visits, pageviews, and ultimately conversions. When you create your own website, it is smart to take a tool like this pop-up message box into account because it is so easy to add with our website maker.

  • perry

    Is there a way you can limit how many times your pop-up will show up on a page? If you have a page that is viewed several times by a person you don’t want them to get annoyed. Does the website builder give you option in regard to this?

    • iconosites

      Yes, but this is actually a stand alone app and it is therefore not controlled within our small business website creator. So you would actually want to establish these settings within Widget 24 (as seen above in the tutorial) so that the pop-up message box appears the exact way and for the exact period of time that you want it to on your free website.

  • iconosites

    Thanks for the comments! You have made some very good points here. People (especially here in the USA) are so inundated with advertising whether from TV, radio, magazines or whatever that you really need to keep your marketing messages concise and make sure they reach your target audience when they visit your small business website. Our recommendation is to use this tool when you make a website and update it often. Meaning, change the offer or message at least once per week. That way, when people come back to visit your free website, they have something new to learn or a different offer to take advantage of (in the case of selling products).

  • jeff

    Does the pop up stay in one place or can you move it across the screen? I like the comment of updating your pop up so that people have a reason to keep checking back on your free web site. They just never know what new and exciting thing you have for them.

  • Bethanny

    This could be so beneficial is you have multiple free web sites that you want to cross promote. You could have something pop up when a customer clicks something that is similar to what they are searching for on your other site. They click that pop- up and then are taken to the new site. Simple and effective.

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