How to Create a Website with an Exchange Rate Tool

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a website with an Exchange Rate tool, which you can embed right onto your free website in under a minute.  This type of tool is great for small businesses who sell their products into international markets, as well as financial firms.  Using our website builder, we’ve provided you with the steps to get an exchange rate tool implemented today.

1.  First click this link -

2. Next customize the widget according to your preference like color, width, font, and currency. You may also include a graphical presentation by checking the show chart box. You can preview the changes in real time. Please see screenshot below.

3. Next is to copy the entire code. This will be pasted into your Iconosite free web site later on. Go ahead copy the code now.

4. Once you’ve copied the widget code, login to your Iconosites website creator account and select which page to place the tool. In this example we will place it in the Home page of our website. Click the Edit link to open the Content Editor page. Please see screenshot below.

5. In your Content Editor page, scroll downward and put a check mark on the columns “Yes, I want to have more than one column on this page” then choose 2 columns with the same width. We will place the widget beside the content text. Please see screenshot below.

6. Next scroll down to the 2nd Column content editor and click the HTML tool to bring up the HTML Source Editor. Please refer to the screenshot below.

7. Next paste the code into the HTML Source Editor then click UPDATE button when you’re done. Please see screenshot below.

8. Next save your work by clicking the SAVE and KEEP EDITING button.

9. Finally checkout your web page design and see the Exchange Rate Tool in action. You should see it in the Home page beside your content text. Please see the finish work below.

  • Anonymous

    nice job, I’m already using one, but is an romanian script made by a bank from here :D

  • Tammi

    If I could get a bit more of the description about what the exchange rate tool is for people who are new at being a website creator that would be great. The commenter Andreeyps2 said they use a Romanian script, what is that?

    • Anonymous

      The exchange rate tool will simply convert your local currency into another currency, so you can see how much a specific product or service will cost in your native currency. For example, in Mexico the currency is pesos and is worth around 8-10 times less than the US dollar. So if you are pricing an item for $1,000 pesos, it could scare an American customer just from the high price tag alone. However, with the presence of an exchange rate tool, the American can easily see it will only cost him approximately $80-100 USD. So it’s all about the psychology of shopping. If you feel that this can benefit you, it would make sense to add it when you create a website with our web site builder.

  • bethanny

    It was cool to see the different types of money on your explanation of the widget being added to your free website. I’ve really had no idea what the tool was being described until I read it again, so this is a tool to change money from one currency to another right?

    • Anonymous

      Essentially yes, it is. But the real reason you would want to add this when you create a website is so that your potential customers, who may be from different countries around the world, can easily punch in their own numbers to gain an instant understanding of what your products or services will cost them. If you don’t have international customers, then this tool is probably irrelevant to you. However, if you do, or if you are pursuing expansion into international markets, it would behoove you to add this exchange rate tool especially since it is so easy to do with our website builder. If you don’t see that it is having an impact on your small business, then you can just as easily remove it!

  • teal

    I’m trying to build my website and expand my services worldwide. This is the perfect thing for me! I agree with some of the other commenters as a regular price may scare potential buyers who don’t know the conversion rate away. The fact that it can change for the benefit of the customers is wonderful.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, most people don’t realize the impact an international currency can have on the buying psychology of your visitors. Giving them an easy way to convert to their own native currency can do wonders for your international sales potential. That’s why we recommend adding this when you make a website with our html web builder.

  • bobby

    I looked at the options for currency, are those the only ones because they are the most widely accepted? Does that limit trades if other money can’t be used? Can your website builder potentially add other currencies? I know that dollars are accepted by most places but this was just a question I was wondering about when reading through your great tutorial!

    • iconosites

      It is important to understand that this currency exchange rate tool is a third part application, it is not native to our website maker. So that means you can control it from Widget24 and set the specs however you want them before you embed the tool onto your free website.

  • tiffany

    Branching out your company to world wide is quite an accomplishment and can be overwhelming and the same time. To make it simpler is this great tool, one less thing you have to worry about. Let it do the work for you and you just continue to use a website maker to continue to make your page be the most up to date and most inviting to your potential clients.

  • Abby

    I can see how many businesses would use the website makers to add a exchange rate tool to their free web sites in order to attract potential business. This tool allows you to expand your business world wide in a way that may not have been possible before. Even just having the option of this tool on your page gives you an edge over other pages in my opinion as people see that you are trying to accommodation them.

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