How To Add a Google Page-Rank Checker To Your Business Website

Page Rank is the measure of your website or more specifically the measure of a web page’s worth in the eyes of the Google. It depends on several factors, backlinks being the biggest of them. If your business website has a good social presence on the internet, Google considers your website as a trustable source and gives you a better page-rank above the other free websites or webpages on internet. There are many myths and facts about page-rank or more popularly known as PR that you can find on Google. This tutorial will help you to add a PageRank checker to the footer of your iconosites website.

1) We will be using for this purpose. Click here to go to the PR Checker tool.

2) In the text box, enter the URL of the website on which you want to add the tool and then press the ‘Check PR’ button.

3) This will show you several styles to display the PR. Select the style that you like and would like to use on your Iconosites website.

4) A code will pop-up as soon as you select the style. This is the code we need to add to the HTML of our Footer.

5) Select the complete code (a single left click on the code will select the complete code.) and right click on the code to find the copy option. Press copy to copy the code.


6) Now log-in into your Iconosites web page maker. On the admin page, there is a menu on the left hand side. From the menu, press the option that reads ‘Logo/header/Footer’.

7) On the next screen that shows up. Scroll down to find ‘My Footer’ content area. Press the HTML button (refer to the image below) to view and modify the HTML of the footer.

8) Add the HTML code at the bottom and press ‘Update’ to update the HTML using this professional website builder software.

9) Press save on the menu bar that appears on the page to save the Footer.

10) Now, view your small business website. How does it look on my website? Cool enough?

  • Rick

    It is very important to take in count the backlinks of your site to make it more popular and to try to make it as SEO friendly as possible. I like the fact that using this website builder software, I can access other programs that are easy to use and my website is always looking good, updated and has increased its popularity.

  • Marge

    Google´s page rank is a good reference to how popular your site is, the good thing is now we can have access to a tool like this and add it in such an easy way to our site. It has gotten easier to build a website and personalize it so it can work for any purpose.

  • Adria Florentine

    I want build a website to make some money with Google Adsense and in order to do that I need to get my website in the first page of Google when people search for the keywords my website has, this page rank checker will be more than useful, can´t wait to give it a try.

    • allan beckman

      If that is your purpose, this is the tool you were looking for, is very easy to use and to install, this web page maker offers other useful tools you can also use to gain popularity.

  • Jamie

    I have been trying to get my business blog into google first pages for a long time, I finally decided to use this website builder software and just create a complete website for my business, it is great, and I installed the google page rank checker so now I just keep my website SEO under control.

    • Daniel K.

      What are you doing to improve your website rank on google? I want to make a site for my products, I will use the free business website builder and definitely will add the page rank checker, but I what do you recommend I do to improve my ranking, should I hire some to make my website more SEO friendly?

  • Diane

    I know the importance of ranking on the first pages of google when someone performs a search with your keywords but I gotta say I loved that you can choose the style of your page rank checker, that is really cool cause it doesn´t makes your website look odd. Very cool website builder software.

    • Adair

      If you build a website you want it be reachable to visitors and keep it cool as you say, this page rank works wonders, it not only looks cool but it actually indicates where your site is at, its not just some random code, you check your site position.

  • Andrea

    I love this page ranker because it is very accurate and it was very easy to install, this is the best website builder software cause they provide the possibility to use applications that will work for most people, I hope to see my website some day as a PR3 soon.

  • Mully

    This tutorial was great, this is the best website builder software have used so far, before this one I used other 2 but they have very limited tools and tutorials, I have used almost all the tools you recommend in different tutorials and they all work great and give my site a great look. With the rank checker I had no trouble at all and it indicates very accurately where my site is, I hope to improve my PR in the next few months.

    • Jass

      I used this webpage maker to create my site, my niche is for body mods, do you have any recommendations to how to improve my SEO, I really want to rank in the first pages of google, do you think it´s going to be hard?

  • Louise -haile

    Best free website builder software by far! First let me brag a little, my website has a great SEO design so I am confident I will see my PR go up in the next months, the google pare rank checker works great and I can´t wait to see how it changes over time.

  • Helga Moore

    Easier than I thought it will be, it took just minutes and now I have the page rank checker on my site and I hope numbers will rise, I´ve been doing research on how this ranking works and I tried to do my site as SEO friendly as possible, it is really important to consider this when creating business websites. Nice tutorial.

    • Francis

      Getting to know how SEO works is very important when you build a website, I´m glad you got the page rank checker now, it works very well and now you have very important information on how you´re doing, I hope your numbers rise constantly.

  • Bernie

    This was very simple to do and the feedback is priceless for anyone who cares about being visited, getting to know this little number definitely makes a huge difference and there is no html website builder that can make this easier. There are still changes that are need to be done but I hope I can raise the number in a short period of time.

  • Johnny Woll

    I have always wondered how people build websites so fast and have tons of photos of like the exact sizes on their sites, I used to edit them using html coding, and it was very hard since I didn’t know you could use and html website builder, I use to edit them the old fashion way. Cool website builder.

  • Gorgi L.

    I am loving the google page rank checker, I have SEO optimized my free website and I can already see the results. Very cool. When you build a website you want your site to be in the first results of goolge because this means more visitors and tons of traffic can translate in to money.

  • Mariah

    After finding this tutorial I did a little research, I had no idea of the existence of a ranker like this or what SEO ment, I read previous comments and got curious, after doing some research it turns out I was missing something really important on the online world, the thing is not just to build a website and wait to see how it works out but there are many things to consider, well now I know a bit more and I hope it helps me cause I really want to make my website more professional and active.

  • Anil

    Thanks for such a nice information.

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