How To Reduce The Size Of Images On Your Website

People hate slow websites and most of the time reason behind slow websites are big images (not bigger in dimensions but bigger in size). This not only leads to running customers but also poor search engine rankings which makes your free website almost invisible to new buyers. This tutorial will help you get rid of this problem when you build a website with our website builder by reducing the size of the image but still not compromising with the quality. We will use a very simple website named: for this purpose.

1)  Head over to the website and scroll down to the ‘Browse’ button within a green box. Press the Button to open the browser select the image.

2) Select the image and press ‘Open’

3) Click the ‘Reduce It’ button to proceed to the next step. This will trigger the script on the webpage and reduce the image size while you sit and have some snacks.

4) After the size of the image has been reduced, you will be shown the following screen.

Click on ‘See converted images’ to view the reduced size images.

5) The next page shows you several images with different size and quality. Select the one you need. Make sure you do not compromise too much with the quality as it will ruin the look and feel of your site.

6) Follow the screenshot below to save the image.

and then

Finally you have learned how to create a website with the images you need and you can use it the way you want.  This is a great addition to use in combination with our professional web page maker, as it will allow you to take large images and res them down so that your web pages look good and load snappily.

  • Andy

    This is a great tool, I like the quality of the picture cause it looks good, doesn´t look weird and the process is very simple. It took almost no time to do it and it was just about following some simple steps, is great being able to make a website with these tools you share.

    • rachel

      This is true, the size of picture changes but it keeps the quality, is good to have everything looking better on your site and working better too, is not hard at all to build a website these days, thats a good thing for many of us.

  • Mary Jane

    What you say at the beginning of the post is so true, everyone hates slow websites and having big images does not help at all, when you build a website you must take in count every detail that can make it better for the client.

    • LoHi_photo

      Hi, after reading your comments I realized that my site takes some time to load, the thing is I have a photography website and I want to build another page just for photos, can I resize and then redirect the image to another photo site like flickr? Do you think this will improve my site?

  • rose

    I have a question, you can choose from the reduced samples on the list shown on step 5, but is there a way to introduce the exact dimensions you want on your image? or the list of images is long enough to show what I´m looking for?… thanks for sharing this post, it can really help an amateur to build a website.

  • Mariela_art

    This tool just made my day! I used this website maker software to create a free website for my art, I created a portfolio of my art and was having a bit of trouble getting the images the right size, with this I completed my gallery in about 2 hours (I have a lot of photos!), very easy to use and the images have the exact size you need.

    • Valery

      hey I want to use this web page maker but I wanted to ask you if you had any difficulty positioning your pictures in order, I want to organize my vacation pics but they are like 100, should I create different pages or just create 1 gallery?

      • James Cooper

        I created a page with lots of pics, less than 100, maybe you should reduce the size of your pics first to make it easier, there is also a tutorial about creating a gallery here, this web page maker really takes you on a path on easier ways to do stuff online.

  • Suzanne

    I run a free business website and I find this program very helpful cause is an easy and quick way to reduce the size of the images I post, this not only makes it look better but it helps to keep the site load quicker.

  • Kenny

    Very cool! I used it to create some amazing buttons for my menu from images I had. I think this is the best free website builder software because you can modify everything on your site and they don´t force you to stay with the template, I really like it, keep the tutorials coming!

    • Adrianne

      This is ideal for buttons, thanks for sharing your experience, I´m using this tool to reduce some pics I´ll add to my site, but I didn´t think it could work for buttons, but now I know and I´ll need that later on, I´ve also used other tools and applications from this online website maker software and it really gives you lots of possibilities to build a great website.

  • Arnold

    I used the photography website builder to make a website for my photography hobby, I am not a pro or anything but I enjoy taking pics. This tutorial was so helpful I am recommending it to everybody in my photography class, thanks!

  • Glenn Myers

    I´m really pleased with the jpeg reducer, it works really well, pics look good and it doesn´t take long, it actually reduced the time I spend editing my site and having some images reduced was a big part of it. There are, for sure, better ways to build a website than just paying some dude to do it.

  • Manny

    Great tutorial, ever since I started to build a website for my sister I have been searching for an easy tool to reduce photos, this one is great, thanks for sharing with us cool apps and teaching us at the same time.

  • Roxanne

    I am using this online website maker software for a lot of stuff. Building my free website for one but it is also helping me to organize my photos, digital cameras give you the advantage of capturing every moment but when you realize you have over 10,000 photos resizing them is a must!

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