How to Embed an Excel Document onto a Webpage

example of webpage with embedded excel file

In this post, we’ll show you how to embed a Microsoft Excel document onto your webpage.  This will allow your visitors to see anything you have on a given excel spreadsheet, with the ability to scroll up, down, left, or right if needed.  Just follow the steps below.

1)      Go to and login into your account. Sign-up for a new account if you do not already have one. Sign-up is easy and free. This service allows you to upload your documents on internet and share through different platforms.

2)      After you login, following screen will appear. Open the public folder by clicking it.

how to embed excel file on website

3)      Upload the excel file to be embedded by pressing the upload button on the top.

upload excel file to website


add excel onto web page


4)      Next step is to embed the file in the webpage. Follow the screen-shots below.

embed excel file on webpage

5)      The following screen shows up. Press Generate to generate the embed code.

display excel on website

6)      Copy the generated code.

code for excel file embedding

7)      Now log-in into your IconoSite and start editing the document you wish to edit. Scroll down to the content area and open the HTML editor.

edit the html on your website builder

8)      Add the code where you want the table to appear. ‘Save and Exit’ the page.

embed html code onto webpage

9)      I listed some stats on my page using this method. How do they look?

example of webpage with embedded excel file

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