How To Create A Sitemap For Your Website with

A good website attracts people and compels them to stay on their but what about Search Engines? What are the things that attract Search Engines to come and stay on a website? When a bot from Search Engine comes to your website, the first thing it looks for is a sitemap. A sitemap is like a virtual map for your virtual property that shows a bot the things that are on a website and points it in the direction where they are located. Sitemaps thus form a very important part of a website. A sitemap is no rocket science, in fact it is one of the most basic and easiest steps of website building. And like always, we at Iconosites make sure that things get even simpler for our customers and readers. The following tutorial will enable you to create a Sitemap for you using

1) Go to and click orange button that says “Try it free for 30 days”

2) Next scroll down a bit (just below the paid plans on the left), there is a sign-up link for the free plan. Click the button to start with the sign-up.

3) Sign-up for a free account using your email. Make sure you click the verification button in the email.

4) After verifying your email, log-in into your account on and click the big grey button that reads “CREATE A NEW SITEMAP”=

5) A wizard will then show up. Complete the step-by-step wizard.

6) After completing the wizard, you will be shown your Dashboard where you will be allowed to create your sitemap.

7) Add pages and subpages. Drag-and-Drop pages to get the relationship right between the pages.

8) After you have added all the pages and subpages, press Export/Import button in the upper menu.

9) Select the file format and press Export.

  • bthomas

    innovation .

  • kelly

    I have always wondered what made search engines seem to pick certain websites over the other ones. So making one of these will keep the search engines ranking your site higher? Or does it have nothing to do with it? Still quite confused on all this.

  • sthe

    Great post i just wonder… does a blog have a sitemap? because i have a blog linked to a company’s website,so i just have a question on how is website connected to a blog? does a blog have its own sitemap or does it use the same sitemap with a website? am i clear… so sitemap helps your site to rank high? i heard that the more you put new information on your website or on your blog and more people visit your site and comments help your site rank really good.

    Nice to know that at least if you know nothing about sitemap, you can get it from you guys thanks

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